I’m James McIntosh and I have two questions for you:

  • How do you boost your career?
  • How do you get more job satisfaction?

And the answer (to both) is… by creating outcomes (results) that matter. I learned the answer through my experience as an independent advisor and coach to CEOs, executives and teams since 1990.

There’s a catch. If you are a leader, an executive or a manager, you are expected to create outcomes that matter. That’s just your job.

But there’s a bonus. Success at your level comes from the outcomes (results) that you create. Doing so is highly satisfying and plainly visible.

I learned to appreciate the “catch” and the “bonus” through my experiences as an executive, an interim CEO and a CEO. (Trust me. Doing the work gives you different insights than to simply advising about the work.)

To emphasize: You boost your career and job satisfaction by creating outcomes (results) that matter.

How do I help leaders, executives, managers and teams create outcomes (results) that matter? And, in so doing, boost their careers and job satisfaction? By using the following four coach/advisor options (tried and tested since 1990):

  • Executive Leadership Coaching: Executives must lead. Leaders must execute. For success at the top you must be effective at leading and at executing. (Click here to learn more)
  • Strategy Coaching/Advising: Over time a gap opens between what your organization offers and what the market expects. You must close the gap to achieve sustainable success. (Click here to learn more)
  • Succession Coaching/Advising: Succession planning works better when one person is coached to retire from the role and another is coached to take on the role. (Click here to learn more)
  • Team Effectiveness Coaching: People don’t behave according to your strategies and instructions. They act on their perceptions of strategies and instructions. (Click here to learn more)

Do you struggle with nonsense at work? I also coach in how to make the nonsense at work work for them. Executives, managers and anyone seeking promotion. Please visit nonsenseatwork.com to learn more.

Questions? Want to know more?

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About James McIntosh (in brief):

  • Independent coach, advisor and consultant to executives since 1990
  • CEO/President (private company, USA)
  • Interim CEO (Industrial Holding Company listed on Johannesburg stock exchange, RSA)
  • Executive Board Member (listed Industrial Holding Company, South Africa)