“Coach-Ready” Questions

There are 24 questions in my “Coach Ready?” questionnaire that will help you decide if you are ready to be coached.

Both you and I benefit from my questions and your answers, as follows:

  1. We will both be prepared for our first session (often a free session).
  2. These questions will help us to decide (a) whether you do want to be coached, (b) whether this style of coaching is right for you, or (c) whether we think we can work well together.
  3. Please note: your responses give me an opportunity to assess whether I think I can help you. (Obviously, I’m not qualified, experienced or equipped to help every one.)
  4. Completing the questionnaire process in advance of our first session ups the chances of us having an effective session.
  5. Finally, it will make it easier for us both to decide YES or NO to ongoing coaching.

If you decide that you are ready answer these formally, then please ask for the questions as a Word document (or similar format). That way you can answer the questions and send them back to me in advance of a session. Please go to the contact page and type your request in the message box.

Here are a few of the questions:

Working with a coach

1. Why do you want to work with an executive coach?



4. Complete the following statement:

I want this coaching to . . . . . . . so that . . . . . . .

Your current role



7. What aspect(s) of your role would you like to delegate? Why?


Your personal ‘vision’



11. What is your personal strategy at your organization? In other words, what do you want out of working there and how will you ensure that it happens? (For example, are you happy to do this indefinitely or is it really a springboard to greater things? Other?)

12. What is the one thing most wrong in your organization today? Can you ‘fix’ it or influence others to fix it?


Your team (if applicable)


15. What do you like least about your team? Why?



The role you thought you had

It happens that over time your role morphs into something not quite what you signed up for. Read the following questions. If they apply to you, or if they trigger interesting thoughts or feelings, then answer them as well.


19. Explain why the role you’re performing now is not the one you thought you originally accepted.


21. Describe what needs to change for you to attempt to turn your role into the role you originally wanted or now want. Differentiate between issues-based or people-based changes.



24. What are the two key things you will look for in your next position? Consider these in the light of ‘deal breakers’ as follows:

(a) If this ‘thing’ is present, then you will take on the role. What is this ‘thing’?

(b) If this ‘thing’ is absent, then you will take on the role. What is this ‘thing’?


If you decide to explore coaching with me, then you will be sent the complete questionnaie as a Word document (or similar format).

Please go to the contact page and (a) call me to leave a voice message or (b) fill in the text box to send me an email message.