Aiming to win or trying not to lose?

Your Friday Trigger Question

We are midway through January and you are probably tired of that annual ritual bugbear. Resolutions.

Let’s admit it. Resolutions seldom work. But your Friday Trigger could work, depending on how you use it.

Sometimes we benefit more from looking back over what has happened than from anticipating what will happen next. Other times we benefit more from looking ahead than we do from looking back.

Think of it as the difference between planting and harvesting; promising and delivering; planning and reporting.

A looking-back mindset could trap you into defensive thinking: What should I have done? Or done better? Or instead?

Whereas a looking-ahead mindset might better prepare you to be, well, a head of the game.

So which mindset should you use? Looking back or looking ahead?

It doesn’t matter.

You need both.

On any day of the week.

The right question isn’t which mindset to use. The right question is this week’s Friday Trigger.

Your Friday Trigger Question:

This past week, did you aim to win or were you trying not to lose?

(And what will your mindset be next week?)