Did you make your intentions clear?

19 June 2020 We know that we lead by example, but we cannot do that with intentions. Until acted on, intentions remain unfulfilled objectives. Words are the next best thing to express our intentions. With that said, here are . . . Your Friday Trigger Questions: With (obvious) hindsight, can you see where you failed…

Who stressed you this week?

29 May 2020 There is still a lot of stress blowing in the breeze. (Surely this Memorial Day Weekend was a weekend to forget.) So much stress that I feel compelled to replay a Friday Trigger I sent out way back in the good old days of February 2020. Maybe it will trigger you differently…

Did you remember Feedback and Appraisal?

8 May 2020 Working from home makes some things easier and other things harder. Thank you, thank you, I also think that is a profound insight. What’s with the thank you, thank you? Feedback and appraisal! Giving feedback and doing appraisals are hard. But they are much harder face-to-screen or ear-to-device. That’s if you even…

“James works hard on your problems and you’ll get your money’s worth. He’s the real deal.” (Chairman & CEO)

“There is no doubt James is a major part of our success.” (Founder & President)

“The complex challenges we faced – none could have been achieved without the steady guidance and advice of James McIntosh.” (Executive Director)

“James established himself as an outstanding mentor and a variety of executives and staff (including the writer) sought his council regularly.” (CEO)