Choosing Mondays or Fridays

On 11 March 2019 clients were asked to choose when they wanted to get the questions:

Today you must choose between Monday-questionnaire and Friday-questionnaire.

There are times when we benefit more from looking back over what has happened than from anticipating what will happen next. And there are times when we benefit more from looking ahead than we do from looking back.

Today I want you to decide whether you learn more from thinking ahead than from reviewing the past. Do you want to prepare for this coming week or do you want to analyze last week?

Think of it as the difference between planting and harvesting; promising and delivering; planning and reporting.

This is not your final choice. You may choose a different questionnaire as your mind-set, style, circumstances, stress, whatever, changes. You may even want to experiment to see which method of contemplation works best for you . . . now.

Please respond by asking me to send you either the Monday-questionnaire or the Friday-questionnaire.

Note: If you choose the Friday-questionnaire, well, then you will get it on Friday!

Awaiting your response, I am.