Did you aim for the right goal?

1 May 2020

What had you planned to do or to achieve this week, but did not?


Here’s a more important question. How do you know that was the right goal to aim for this week?

So, let’s talk about goals. When setting goals, be clear and specific. Obvious, isn’t it?

Maybe not. Have you seen that ridiculous sticker on the back of big trucks? You know the one. “Safety is my goal.”

For Pete’s sake, if safety is your goal, then stay home. Under your bed. Goal achieved.

No, sir, Mister Trucker, your goal is to deliver your cargo. (How you do so is another matter.)

Now let’s get back to my original question: What had you planned to do or to achieve this week, but did not?

In looking back, and thinking about safety as your goal, maybe you did the right thing in not achieving that planned thing this week.

Well done.

Or maybe not.

Next week, think in terms of outcomes, not goals.

(Example for Mister Trucker: “My planned outcome for the week is to deliver my cargo on time and to get back home, safely.” It may not fit on a bumper sticker, but it will keep you focused on what matters in your job. And on how to do it.)

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