Did you engage in self-handicapping this week?

17 July 2020

Have you every engaged in self-handicapping? Of course you have. We all do, sometimes. It’s a way of protecting our self-esteem and public image.

How? By pointing out external factors that may or may not have caused our poor performance or failure.

Why? Self-handicapping cannot prevent failure. But it can soften the blow.

(When? There are several situations when we like to self-handicap to protect our esteem and public image. But consider this key one: in situations where we experience social anxiety. So keep your distance. Enough said.)

Here’s your Friday Trigger Question(s):

Did you engage in self-handicapping this week? (Why? Did it help?)

Don’t forget to review our 5 regular Friday Trigger Questions:

  1. What did you succeed at or achieve this past week?
  2. What had you planned to do or to achieve this week, but did not?
  3. What did you fail at this past week?
  4. What surprised you, or caught you unprepared, this past week?
  5. What important or mutually beneficial relationship changed this week?

Bonus Question: What had you worried or concerned, but never happened?