Do you know what your goals are for?

The month is still January but I will resist using the word resolutions. Instead, I will ask about your goals.

Do you know what your goals are for?

Let me ask that differently. Do you know what your goals are FOR?

We set goals because we think we know what outcomes we want. We must do “this” because we want “that.” But we don’t always think deeply about why we want what we want.

For example, your goal might be to lose weight. But why do you want to lose weight? FOR what reason? To be lighter, by weighing less? If your weight loss is FOR weight reasons (you don’t want to feel so heavy), then by all means, focus on weight loss. But if your weight loss is FOR health reasons, then a focus on weight is too narrow. If you focus on your health, you will find that weighing less is only one “means” of becoming more healthy.

Another example: Your goal could be to make more money this year. But why? What is the money FOR? If you focus on the money, you tend to lose sight of the FOR. But if you focus on the FOR, you might find that money is one “means” of getting to your FOR.

This year, don’t make the mistake of focusing on your goals at the expense of the outcomes you want. Keep your eye on the outcome and you will know when to change your goals.

And when is that? When they no longer serve your FOR.