Have you zoomed out to recharge?

15 May 2020

You’ve been under a lot of stress lately. Admit it.

And admit that your role comes with built-in stress. Being at or near the top of the pyramid might give you a better view, but it seldom gives you a lighter load.

Then admit that the heaviness comes, not from the workload, but from the emotional overload. Especially now.

Admit, too, that social distancing does not stop your colleagues and employees coming much, much closer with their feelings, demands, fears, issues, insecurities, phobias, beliefs and even hopes.

Now that you have done all that admitting, here comes your Friday Trigger Question (finally!):

  • What have you done this week to recharge?

It’s nonsense that you can’t leave your job for a well-deserved rest. And it’s plain stupid not to see the need to recharge your batteries. Even your laptop knows that!

Everybody with an electronic device knows you can zoom out just as easily as you can zoom in. It is your choice.

But know that your choice of how you take care of yourself will ultimately reflect in how you take care of those who depend on you. Including your customers.

And your family.

Sleep well.