Saving your responses

I have been saving your responses. Have you?

Soon we will have enough history that should make for interesting reading:

Are there patterns?

Recurring themes?

History repeating?

Are you stuck or stubborn?

Making progress or treading water?

Pointers on my Path are these

Signs all along my way

The wood I saw beyond the trees

Thoughts that helped me not to stray

“James works hard on your problems and you’ll get your money’s worth. He’s the real deal.” (Chairman & CEO)

“There is no doubt James is a major part of our success.” (Founder & President)

“The complex challenges we faced – none could have been achieved without the steady guidance and advice of James McIntosh.” (Executive Director)

“James established himself as an outstanding mentor and a variety of executives and staff (including the writer) sought his council regularly.” (CEO)