Succession Coaching

Succession planning is one thing. Making sure that your succession plan succeeds is something else altogether. Success is more likely when one person is coached out of the role and another is coached into the role.

Consider these two issues:

Issue #1: Have you noticed how some people easily move on from a long-held role or job, while others don’t?

Explanation: Some people go to something new, whiles others leave a role or job. There is a big difference between “going” and “leaving.”

Solution: If you are the one vacating the position, then my coaching role is to help you focus on where you are going to next (your future) and to make it easier for you to put your old role down (your past).

If you are the one taking over the vacated position, then see Issue #2.

Issue #2: Have you noticed how some people, when they are promoted, continue to act and behave as they did in their previous position with little regard for what the new role demands of them?

Explanation: Sadly, we are conditioned from a young age to repeat whatever actions or behaviors pleased our parents and other Important Adults. It is (almost) natural that we will continue to do what got us noticed and promoted in the first place.

Solution: The higher up in the hierarchy you are, the bigger the gap between the levels become. And the further the fall if you don’t transition effectively.

Don’t assume you are one of the very few “naturals” at stepping into bigger roles. My role is to help you figure out what to take with you, what to leave behind, and what do learn quickly.

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