Unexpected Monday Trigger Question

This one went out on 6 January 2020:


You elected to get a Friday Trigger because you prefer to look back (over your past week).

But now and then it helps to look ahead, if only to stop you tripping over something.

Actually, it can be worse than that. A looking-back mindset could trap you into defensive thinking: What should I have done? Or done better? Or instead?

Whereas a looking-ahead mindset could better prepare you to be, well, a head of the game.

Consider this old NonsenseAtWork blog/radio/podcast entry:


Try not to lose at wanting to win

It’s another morning. Did you wake up feeling like you are a king, a queen or a dirty rascal?

How you feel on a Monday morning, or any morning, determines your attitude to what lies ahead and thus how you approach the day.

Do you remember playing king of the castle? Well, how did you approach the castle when you were the dirty rascal? And did your attitude change when you became the king or the queen? Of course it did. Because there is a huge difference between wanting to win and trying not to lose.

Yes, this applies equally to executive teams. Look what happens to the management style when a company becomes Number One. Suddenly, playing defense is the name of the game.

Every morning when you wake up, and every time you meet with your team, pick your mind-set. Decide whether you aim to win or whether you plan not to lose.


This morning, spend some time looking ahead.

Enough said for now. I’ll be in your inbox again on Friday.

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