What did you not do that then interrupted your day?

Friday, 4 September 2020

Do you know that one thing undone can interrupt your day or stall a project?

Of course you know, because you have experienced it. We all have.

You get well into your day and then that one thing that you forgot or left undone, messes up the rest of your day. Or your project.

We do certain things every day, routinely and even ritually, that clear our mind and soothe our being. It could be as simple as that first cup of coffee or a cold shower.

There are also things we must do to create a platform for success, to make our day flow smoothly or a project unfold as planned. Like clearing the email inbox or making that tricky, delayed-too-often phone call.

Performing these rituals and completing these tasks makes it easier for us to tackle our day, our major tasks, and our important projects. It even makes it possible for us to pounce on unexpected opportunities.

Knowing this, how should you start your day? By answering this question: What one thing must I do, get out of the way, to secure the platform for actual progress today? Uncover that, do it, and the rest is (almost) play.

Here’s your Friday Trigger Question:

  • This past week, what did you not do early on that then interrupted your day or stalled your project?

As always, don’t forget to review our 5 regular Friday Trigger Questions:

  1. What did you succeed at or achieve this past week?
  2. What had you planned to do or to achieve this week, but did not?
  3. What did you fail at this past week?
  4. What surprised you, or caught you unprepared, this past week?
  5. What important or mutually beneficial relationship changed this week?

Bonus Question: What had you worried or concerned, but never happened?

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