What held your attention this week?

Friday, 21 August 2020

The most difficult aspect of business life is dealing with the unexpected. Or so they say. My experience has taught me the opposite. The most difficult thing to manage is the expected.

Let’s admit it. Business is boring. It’s the same nonsense over and over, day after day.

It’s like driving the same car on the same road to the same destination at the same time every day. You must do it. And if you take your eye off what you’re doing, bad things can happen.

The most successful managers I have worked with were the ones who had the discipline to focus on the same detail, over and over, day after day.

Here’s your Friday Trigger Question:

  • What held your attention this week, something unexpected or the usual same old same old? (Notice I asked what held your attention. Not what grabbed your attention.)

As always, don’t forget to review our 5 regular Friday Trigger Questions:

  1. What did you succeed at or achieve this past week?
  2. What had you planned to do or to achieve this week, but did not?
  3. What did you fail at this past week?
  4. What surprised you, or caught you unprepared, this past week?
  5. What important or mutually beneficial relationship changed this week?

Bonus Question: What had you worried or concerned, but never happened?

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