What moved you forward this week?

5 June 2020

You will no doubt be amused to learn that I have found a way to irritate myself. You will be less pleased to read that I am now passing this trick on to you.

I have been feeling stuck lately. Not stuck at home, because to me being stuck at home does not feel like being stuck. I mean stuck in the sense of not making as much progress as my feelings of guilt expect from me.

We normally understand progress to mean “moving forward.” (Some people feel that moving backwards would be real progress, but that’s another slippery slope entirely.)

Last week I began mulling over my lack of not “moving forward” which led to me to ask myself this question during my ritual dawn quiet time: “What did I do yesterday that moved me forward?” (I will not embarrass myself by answering the question here.)

Here’s the trigger part of the question. Because I know today that tomorrow morning I will ask that damn question, I try to do today at least one thing, even a tiny thing, that moves me forward.

Now it’s your turn:

  • What did you do this week to move you forward?
  • Note that I am not defining what “moving forward” means. That’s up to you. Note also that unless you know what “moving forward” means to you, you cannot even entertain this Friday Trigger Question. So, what is “moving forward” to you?
  • What will you do next week that will move you forward? (Yes! Asking yourself the question every day is an excellent way of getting you to move. But move on what?)

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