What thing left undone disrupted your day?

Your Friday Trigger Question

Picture this. It’s cold. It snowed all night. You delayed getting dressed, still snug in your dressing gown or wrapped in whatever. Your hair everywhere, your face unwashed, your teeth unbrushed. Ping! “We need to Zoom right now!” Your boss. Or a major client.

Maybe you are well into your day. It’s going fine (for a change). Wham! Something left undone pops up. Something you normally do early. Something that now demands attention.

One thing undone means flow disrupted. Day interrupted.

Rituals and routines make it possible for us to pounce on unexpected opportunities. (free public domain: clipart-people.com)

We do some things ritually. A sip of coffee. A kiss from a toothbrush. A moment of meditation. Others we do routinely. A calendar check. An email scan. A news scroll.

Rituals and routines soothe our being, prepare our mind, and create a platform for success. They make it easier for us to tackle the tasks and projects that make our day. The structure they add even makes it possible for us to pounce on unexpected opportunities.

Don’t let working from home and other plagues derail your rituals and routines. Be clear on the one thing you must you do to secure the platform for genuine progress.

Uncover that, do it, and the rest is play. Sort of.

Your Friday Trigger Question:

  • What did you leave undone that disrupted your day (or your week)?