Who annoyed you this week?

21 February 2020

Today I have two heavy questions for you:

  • Who annoyed you this week?
  • Who let you down this week?

Okay, here’s the obvious third question. Why are those “heavy” questions?

Because if you don’t deal with them enlightenedly, they will weigh you down for a lengthy period.

How enlightenedly? Forgive and let go. It’s that simple.

Forgive does not mean “let off the hook” or “ fuhgeddaboudit.” Not at work. At home (your family) and out-and-about (the idiot who cut you off), yes. But not at work. At work “forgive” must always pair with “how do we prevent this happening again?”

Forgive means “put it down.” Quickly. Make yourself lighter, quickly, before the heaviness takes hold.

History is heavy. Don’t add to history what need not be remembered.

Yes, remember the bits that can enlighten you to create the outcome you want. But you need not remember the person who triggered the heaviness.

Forgive the person and lighten up.

Your weekend (and your health) depends on it.