Your Plan B and Plan C

15 February 2020

Last Friday morning, just past 8:00, the power went off while I was working on my PC. This power vacuum left me free to think. One of the thoughts I thought I thought I would share with you. (I think you might need to read that again.) But I could not share the thought then, because the power stayed off all day.

Here is the thought I thought:

  • Do you have a Plan B? In this case, B stands for Backup. When was the last time you bothered to check your recovery process in the event of a power outage (data systems) or a catastrophe (operating processes)? (Note: My question is not whether you have a Plan B. My question is about verifying your Plan B.)

And while we’re considering your Plan B, tell me about your Plan C. In this case, C stands for Continuity. What procedures do you have in place for others to follow if you become incapacitated indefinitely? (Note: This is not about you. This is about whether your colleagues will scramble or step up.)

If your corporate information is immaterial and your role is irrelevant, then by all means don’t bother with a Plan B or a Plan C. And good luck with your career.

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