I’m James McIntosh and I have two questions for you:

  • How do you boost your career?
  • How do you get more job satisfaction?

(A third one would be: How do you make your organization more successful?)

And the answer (to all three) is… by creating outcomes (results) that matter. I learned the answer through my experiences as an independent advisor and coach to CEOs, executives and teams since 1990.

The ultimate measurement of James’ effectiveness: The turnaround (a retail chain of 185 stores in 5 countries) was effected in 18 months. (Joseph W. / CEO; retail clothing chain.)

There’s a catch. If you are a leader, an executive or a manager, you are expected to create outcomes that matter. That’s just your job.

But there’s a bonus. Success at your level comes from the outcomes (results) that you create. Doing so is highly satisfying and plainly visible.

I learned to appreciate the “catch” and the “bonus” through my experiences as an executive, an interim CEO and a CEO. (Trust me. Doing the work gives you different insights than to simply advising about the work.)

You know he’s smarter than you, yet he has an uncanny ability to make you see that you’re the one with all the answers. There’s no ego with this guy. James works hard on your problems and you’ll get your money’s worth. He’s the real deal. (Jeff J. / Chairman & CEO; media company.)

To emphasize: You boost your career and job satisfaction by creating outcomes (results) that matter.

How do I help leaders, executives, managers and teams create outcomes (results) that matter? And, in so doing, boost their careers and job satisfaction? By using the following coach/advisor options (tried and tested since 1990):

Executive Leadership Coaching:

  • Executives must lead. Leaders must execute. For success at the top you must be effective at leading and at executing. (Click here to learn more)
I highly recommend having a coach. James McIntosh has been of immense help to me over my career. (Jessica P. / Chief Technology Officer; business technology.)

Strategy Coaching/Advising:

  • Over time a gap opens between what your organization offers and what the market expects. You must close the gap to achieve sustainable success. (Click here to learn more)
The complex challenges we faced – none could have been achieved without the steady guidance and advice of James McIntosh. (James W. / Executive Director; non-profit.)

Succession Coaching/Advising:

  • Succession planning works better when one person is coached to retire from the role and another is coached to take on the role. (Click here to learn more)
James established himself as an outstanding mentor and a variety of executives and staff (including the writer) sought his council regularly. (Joe P. W. / CEO; investment holding company.)

Team Effectiveness Coaching:

  • People don’t behave according to your strategies and instructions. They act on their perceptions of strategies and instructions. (Click here to learn more)
When we stray, James pulls us back to our purpose, our ‘reason for being’. He knows us–our strengths and our challenges. There is no doubt James is a major part of our success. (Fred M. / Founder & President; branding & advertising.)

Nonsense Coaching:

  • Do you struggle with nonsense at work? I also coach in how to make the nonsense at work work for you. Please visit nonsenseatwork.com to learn more.
James was the only one who asked real questions. I was rather taken back by them. It did give me pause–it made me think in a different way about what was important. (Doug T. / Associate Director of Development; non-profit.)

Questions? Want to know more?

If you have questions or want to know more, please call me on 804.240.2715

Or email me: james@jamesmcintoshcoaching.com

About James McIntosh (in brief):

  • Independent coach, advisor and consultant to executives since 1990
  • CEO/President (private company, USA)
  • Interim CEO (Industrial Holding Company listed on Johannesburg stock exchange, RSA)
  • Executive Board Member (listed Industrial Holding Company, South Africa)