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If you are responsible for the performance of other people, then you are either a leader, a manager, or a boss. But if you want to excel at your job, then you must be good all three. A leader. A Manager. A Boss.

That’s what I’ve been doing since 1990. Helping people (like you) be better bosses… by being better leaders and managers. And so giving their careers a boost.

The Issue: Managers must lead. Leaders must manage.

If you want to succeed, all the way to the top, you must be effective at leading and at managing (executing).

The Solution: 2x Coaching

That’s why I offer Executive Leadership Coaching, coaching designed to boost your leadership skill AND your management (execution) clout. So that you can be effective at both. Which makes you a good boss.

(Note: If you are uncomfortable with the term “boss” or with being a boss, then we have lots to discuss.)

Your job: be effective by creating outcomes that matter

You create outcomes by being effective. By designing the “effects” that matter.

Your task is to ensure that your organization (or team) is effective. (Not efficient. Efficiency comes later. Because you want to be efficient at what matters.)

How do you become effective? By being an effective leader AND an effective manager.

When you work with me:

  • We will clarify what outcome(s) you must create, and
  • then we will refine your leadership and management skills as needed.

Who has benefited from this coaching?

  • CEOs & Presidents
  • VPs
  • Managers
  • Executive Teams
  • Boards of Directors

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