Client Quotes

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For-Profit Client Quotes:

  • The ultimate measurement of James’ effectiveness: The turnaround (a retail chain of 185 stores in 5 countries) was effected in 18 months. His role included monitoring the shift in culture and the stress and tensions within the management team, including the effectiveness of the leaders. He performed exceptionally well in this sphere. [Joseph W. / CEO; retail clothing chain.]
  • You know he’s smarter than you, yet he has an uncanny ability to make you see that you’re the one with all the answers. There’s no ego with this guy. James works hard on your problems and you’ll get your money’s worth. He’s the real deal. [Jeff J. / Chairman & CEO; media company]
  • After a few phone conversations, the President trusted James enough to give him 100% access to the 3-hour confidential financial reporting meeting before he was scheduled to lead the group of 17 executives. All 17 participants had completed the SHIFT Trigger before the event. The SHIFT feedback and the facilitation by James over the next 1½ days led to a cathartic meeting of real talk about real issues. The outcome was a commitment to many operational and behavioral changes, notably in goal setting and constructive dialogue to further organizational learning. I would highly recommend James to any organization ready to have an objective review of its effectiveness, an honest look at how its executives work with each other to foster effectiveness, and even how the company presents itself to a critical public. [Peter K. / Director; advertising agency.]
  • I highly recommend having a coach. James McIntosh has been of immense help to me over my career. [Jessica P. / Chief Technology Officer; business technology]
  • When we stray, James pulls us back to our purpose, our ‘reason for being’. He plays a significant and unique role for us in that he is in two worlds at once. First, he is in our world – he is definitely part of our ‘family’. He knows us–our strengths and our challenges. And, at the same time, he keeps a little distance from our world so he can see where we start to loose our way and then he brings us back. Interestingly, he catches us sometimes being complacent and not reaching high enough given our talents. From his unique perspective, James can inspire us to strive like no other. And his commitment is long-term, as he realizes that real change occurs over time with renewed commitment, and learning from both success and failures. There is no doubt James is a major part of our success. [Fred M. / Founder & President; branding & advertising]
  • I was unsure as to whether the organization was ready for my new vision, which entailed a radical new strategy, ownership and organizational structure. Your involvement showed me that my colleagues were ready and this gave me the confidence to proceed. [Ossie R. / Founder & Chairman; Information Technology company]
  • A bank involved in combining three distinct functions that historically had worked independently hired James to direct the project. The project’s purpose was to develop consensus among the three groups, now having to operate as a single unit, on how best to serve the high worth customer needs of the bank. These functions had distinct compensation plans, operated on different system platforms, and required different professional skill sets. He directed the respective staffs toward a common goal by keeping the group focused on thinking outside of its comfort zone. He helped them to get a clearer idea of the unit’s “what can be”, to develop acceptable measures of success for all elements, to move employees toward mutual respect and understanding, to learn to work and communicate effectively, and even managed to get buy-in to a new descriptive name for the new unit. [Richard M. / Advisor to the Chairman/CEO of the bank]
  • James has the incredible quality of patience, which allows him to influence people over time without judging. However, if the person agreed to do or behave in a certain way then he demands that they do. This is where James can be demanding and emphasizes behavior, which creates an environment of no surprises. He established himself as an outstanding mentor and a variety of executives and staff (including the writer) sought his council regularly. [Joe P. W. / CEO; investment holding company]

Non-Profit Client Quotes

  • James McIntosh enabled us to evaluate the efficacy of our business, establish clear goals, objective and action steps and coalesce around a strategy that by necessity involved integration of fresh perspectives with long-standing institutional practice. The complex challenges we faced – from reworking our mission to crafting additions to our programming to rethinking our marketing materials and delivery options – none could have been achieved without his steady guidance and advice. His intelligence, insight and experience have helped us to wrestle with multifaceted issues. [Elizabeth S. Ph.D. / Executive Director; non-profit]
  • Thank you for all of your helpful and constructive advice. I depend on it and you make my job easier. [Helen D. / VP Business Planning and Operations; non-profit]
  • Based on constructive analysis, listening, and just a few probing questions, James hit our organization’s proverbial nail on the head. He identifies issues quickly and is straight forward yet sensitive in his approach to suggesting ways to improve. A class individual as well. [Doug T. / Associate Director of Development; non-profit]
  • The interview with James was a pivotal point in my decision and in my own thought process. I was given the names of seven people as perspective consultants. Three were clearly not a good fit. I then scheduled interviews with four people. The first three people I interviewed presented me with a resume, told me what they would do, gave me a time-frame, and showed me what a finish product would look like. James happened to be the last person I interviewed. When I finished giving him the same information I had shared with the first three, he looked at me for awhile and then asked, “So who cares if you do this? What willhappen if you don’t do it? Does this really matter to anyone?”James was the only one who asked real questions. I was rather taken back by them. It did give me pause! But it definitely played a big role in my decision, because it made me think in a different way about what was important. I felt I was being interviewed as well. That also made a difference.  [Judy S. / Executive Director; non-profit]